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Fevereiro 2014 vol. 1 num. 1

8th Conference of the International Committee for Design History & Design Studies


Keynote Lectures

History of design education

Identities and territories

National policies on design

Techniques and technologies

The new imperialism — the international face of design and design history

Open Strand

Back Matter

ICDHS Conferences

The activity of the group began with a conference organized in Barcelona (Spain) in 1999. This was followed by a second meeting in La Havana (Cuba), in 2000. The Committee was inaugurated in the Istanbul (Turkey) conference, in 2002. The activity continued in the conferences held in Guadalajara (Mexico, 2004), Helsinki & Tallinn (Finland & Estonia, 2006), Osaka (Japan, 2008), and Brussels (Belgium, 2010).

ICDHS conferences aim to assess the current state of affairs of design history and design studies. They are scientific conferences with a referee process to select presentations. Every conference has a theme, chosen by the board and the local organizers as an indication of the issues to be considered.

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About the Editors

Priscila Lena Farias

Graphic designer, researcher and professor of design. She holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (1984), a Master degree and a Ph.D in Communication and Semiotics from São Paulo Pontifical Catholic University (1997 and 2002). She is a professor, researcher and Ph.D. tutor at the University of São Paulo School of Architecture and Urbanism, were she coordinates the Visual Design Research Lab (LabVisual). She also teaches at Senac University Center, where she coordinates the Typography and Visual Communication Research Lab. She is the co-editor of InfoDesign - Brazilian Journal of Information Design, and a referee for several other scientific publications and research funding agencies. She is the author of ‘Tipografia Digital’ (2AB) and of many papers on graphic design, semiotics and typography, and the co-editor of ‘Advanced Issues in Cognitive Science and Semiotics’ (Shaker Verlag) and of the book series ‘Pensando o Design’ (Blucher).

Anna Calvera

Researcher and professor of Aesthetics and Design History and Theory at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, where she is also involved in design research within the doctoral program. She is the author of a book on the theory of design by William Morris (Destination, Barcelona, 1992), of several papers on the experience of catalan Arts and Crafts and on the history of design in Spain, as well as papers on aspects of aesthetics and theory of design published in TipoGráfica, Temes de Disseny, Etapes Graphiques, and Journal of Design History, among others. She is also co-editor, with Yves Zimermann, of the books Arte ¿? Diseño (Gustavo Gili, Barcelona 2003) and De lo bello de las cosas (GG, Barcelona 2007). She is on the advisory board of the journal Design and Culture (Berg). She is a member of ICDHS board, and organized its first conference, ‘Design history seen from abroad: history and histories of design’ (Barcelona, 1999).

Marcos da Costa Braga

Bachelor in Industrial Design from UFRJ, Master of Arts in Anthropology from UFRJ and Ph.D. in Social History from the Universidade Federal Fluminense. He is currently a professor of the Department of Architectural History and Aesthetics, at the University of São Paulo School of Architecture and Urbanism. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Estudos em Design and a member of the Editorial Board of Arcos from ESDI / UERJ. He was the coordinator of the Design undergraduate course at Unicarioca from 1997 to 2004 and of the Silva e Sousa School of Industrial Design from 1991 to 1995. He has authored several texts on the history of design in Brazil and is one of the coordinators of the book series ‘Pensando o Design’, published by Blucher. He is the author of the book ‘ABDI e APDINS – RJ: História das Associações Pioneiras de Design do Brasil’, also published by Blucher.

Zuleica Schincariol

Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism from University of São Paulo (1982), Specialist in Art Museum Studies by the University of São Paulo Museum of Contemporary Art from (1996) and Master in Architecture and Urbanism from the same university (2001). She is currently a researcher and a professor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. She has experience in Architecture and Urbanism, with emphasis on Visual Communication and on the following research topics: publication design, typography, environmental graphic design.

The International Committee for Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS) is an international working group whose board members are internationally acknowledged design scholars.

Track chairs

Track 1 / History of Design Education

Haruhiko Fujita / Chair / Osaka University / Japan

Silvio Barreto Campello / Co-chair / Federal University of Pernambuco / Brazil

Track 2 / Identities and Territories

Oscar Salinas Flores / Chair / National University of Mexico / Mexico

Clice Mazzilli / Co-chair / University of São Paulo / Brazil

Track 3 / National Policies on Design

Javier Gimeno-Martínez / Chair / VU University Amsterdam / The Netherlands / Artesis University College of Antwerp / Belgium

Cyntia Malaguti / Co-chair / University of São Paulo / Brazil

Track 4 / Techniques and Technologies

Paul Atkinson / Chair / Sheffield Hallam University / United Kingdom

Charles Vincent / Co-chair / Mackenzie Presbyterian University / Brazil

Track 5 / The New Imperialism: the international face of design and design history

Jonathan Woodham / Chair / University of Brighton / United Kingdom

Denise Dantas / Co-chair / University of São Paulo / Brazil

Track 6 / Open Strand

Victor Margolin / Chair / University of Illinois at Chicago / United States

Priscila Farias / Co-chair / University of São Paulo / Brazil