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Designing new tattoos: relations about technology and tattoo design


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The development of new technologies allows the design of responsive dynamic tattoos. What we call New Tattoos (NTs) anticipate novel methods of communication, transforming the skin into a new source for interactive interfaces. Our purpose is to present a preliminary approach of some materials and technologies to be used in near future to design and produce the NTs emphasizing how the design of tattoos is affected by the development of new technologies.

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Palavras-chave: New Tattoos (NTs), Dynamic tattoos Technology, Design,


DOI: 10.5151/design-icdhs-039

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BITARELLO, Breno; NIEMEYER, Lucy; QUEIROZ, João; "Designing new tattoos: relations about technology and tattoo design", p. 176-179 . In: Farias, Priscila Lena; Calvera, Anna; Braga, Marcos da Costa & Schincariol, Zuleica (Eds.). Design frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies [=ICDHS 2012 - 8th Conference of the International Committee for Design History & Design Studies]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2012. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2318-6968, ISBN: 978-85-212-0692-7
DOI 10.5151/design-icdhs-039

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