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Comissão organizadora

  • Marcos Antonio Coelho Berton
  • Paulo Roberto Dantas Marangoni
  • Leandro da Conceição
  • Nério Vicente Junior
  • André Geromel Prete
  • Elizabeth Djurado
  • Welchy Leite Cavalcanti
  • Nerilso Bocchi
  • Daniel Marinha
  • Juliano de Andrade
  • Marcio Eduardo Vidotti Miyata
  • Rosa Maria Rabelo Junqueira
  • Sandra Regina Moraes
  • João Batista Floriano
  • Luiz Henrique Dall’Antonia

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Dezembro 2016 vol. 4 num. 1

2nd International Seminar on Industrial Innovation in Electrochemistry


Corrosion and Corrosion Protection

Passivation and Surface Treatment


Energy – Fuel Cell and Electrolytes Materials

Smart Coatings

General Electrochemistry

On 30 and 31 August 2016 the National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship – SENAI promoted in Curitiba-PR the Second International Seminar on Industrial Innovation in Electrochemistry and attended more than 190 participants from Universities, Industries and government agencies. The motivation of this seminar was to continue disseminate and consolidate the culture of innovation in Brazilian industry and at the same time raise awareness for industries that innovation to be a constant practice in its different segments, and the electrochemistry to be an inductor in this process, due to its transversality in several areas.

During the second seminar, invited lectures of companies showing the cases of projects undertaken with universities and researchers from national and international universities that conduct applied research in electrochemistry were presented. The invited speakers were from different countries like Department of Applied Electrochemistry and Materials of the Fraunhofer Institute from Germany, Center for Electrochemistry and Environmental Technologies (CNETE) from Canadian, Saint-Gobain CREE from France, University of Aveiro from Portugal, University of Sevilla from Spanish. From Brazil the invited speakers were from University (UFMG, IPEN, UFSCar UEL, UTFPR, LACTEC and Unicentro) and different companies like, Volvo, Bosch, ArcelorMittal, Extranger Baterias, Eletran Baterias, GM do Brasil, Copel, Neoortho and others companies.

Thus, the second seminar aimed to promote interaction and dissemination of industry / research and the benefits generated by their processes and products from the point of view related to the theme Electrochemistry and its derivations in the area of materials and process innovation. The dynamics of the event was coordinated to ensure a stimulating discussion, inspiring and innovative environment while strengthening the relationship of industry and applied research groups so that they can act coordinately in the processes of innovation and technology, contributing to the growth of national industry.

The editors would like to thank all staff, participants and sponsors Confederação Nacional das Indústrias – CNI, SENAI Departamento Nacional – DN, Federação das Indústrias do Paraná – FIEP, SENAI Departamento Regional do Paraná – DR.

Marcos Antonio Coelho Berton
Leandro da Conceição
Paulo Roberto Dantas Marangoni

National committee (Brazil)

Marcos Antonio Coelho Berton — SENAI-PR
Leandro da ConceiçãoSENAI-PR
Paulo Roberto Dantas MarangoniSENAI-PR
Miguel Igino ValentiniSENAI-PR
Nério Vicente JuniorSENAI-PR
Agne Roani de CarvalhoSENAI-PR
Graciela Ines Bolzon de MunizUFPR
Claudia Eliana Marino ZarbinUFPR
Juliano de AndradeInstitutos Lactec
Marcio Eduardo Vidotti MiyataUFPR
Paulo Rogério Pinto RodriguesUnicentro
Rosa Maria Rabelo JunqueiraUFMG
Paulo Cezar TúlioUTFPR
Luiz Henrique Dall’AntoniaUEL
Ricardo Canute KamikawachiUTFPR
Eliana N.S. MuccilloIPEN
Walmor GodoiUTFPR
Roberta DominguesUTFPR
Camilla de Castro EkmanSENAI/UTFPR
Camila Rizzardi PeverariSENAI
Paola Thalissa Bartoski PollaSENAI
Regiane Maria ArendarchukSENAI

International advisory committee

Michael Noeske Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
Daniel MarinhaSaint-Gobain CREE, France
Mario Guerreiro Silva FerreiraAveiro University, Portugal