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Shock Tube for analysis of combustion of biofuels

Santana, Claudio Marcio ; Barros, Jose Eduardo Mautone ;

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A burning process in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine is very important to know the maximum temperature of the gases, the speed of combustion, and the ignition delay time of fuel and air mixture exact moment at which ignition will occur. The automobilist industry has invested considerable amounts of resources in numerical modeling and simulations in order to obtain relevant information about the processes in the combustion chamber and then extract the maximum engine performance control the emission of pollutants and formulate new fuels. This study aimed to general construction and instrumentation of a shock tube for measuring shock wave. As specific objective was determined reaction rate and ignition delay time of ethanol doped with different levels of additive enhancer cetane number. The results are compared with the delays measured for the ignition diesel and biodiesel.

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DOI: 10.5151/engpro-simea-PAP34

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Santana, Claudio Marcio; Barros, Jose Eduardo Mautone; "Shock Tube for analysis of combustion of biofuels", p. 194-209 . In: In Anais do XXI Simpósio Internacional de Engenharia Automotiva — SIMEA 2013. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2357-7592, DOI 10.5151/engpro-simea-PAP34

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