Fevereiro 2015 vol. 1 num. 2 - XX Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Química

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This paper reports experimental phase equilibrium data for the systems {CO2(1)+ solketal(2)} and {CO2(1) + solketal(2) + oleic acid(3)}. The phase transition pressures measurements for ternary mixtures were carried out by injecting a known amount of carbon dioxide into a mixture with fixed molar ratios of the two other components [0.75 solketal + 0.25 oleic acid)]. A variable-volume cell with front window was used for obtaining experimental data. The temperature range from 308 to 338 K and pressures up to 20 MPa was obtained. Bubble point conditions were measured for the binary system {CO2(1) + solketal(2)}, whereas bubble and dew point conditions were measured for the ternary system {CO2(1) + solketal(2) + oleic acid(3)}.



DOI: 10.5151/chemeng-cobeq2014-0221-26474-155489

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ZANETTE, A. F.; FERREIRA-PINTO, L.; LIMA, J. C.; SOUZA, R. O M. A.; CARDOZO FILHO, L. ; "DETERMINATION EQUILIBRIUM DATA LIQUID-VAPOR FOR HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS INVOLVING CARBON DIOXIDE + SOLKETAL + OLEIC ACID", p. 14651-14658 . In: Anais do XX Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Química - COBEQ 2014 [= Blucher Chemical Engineering Proceedings, v.1, n.2]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2015.
ISSN 2359-1757, DOI 10.5151/chemeng-cobeq2014-0221-26474-155489

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