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Amaral, Sergio Roberto ; Tavares, Robson Pereira ; Junior, Alvaro Yukio Kubo ; Servilheira, Lucas Germano Gonzaga ; Reeve, Breno Martins Everard ; Souza, André Cristiano ; Cordeiro Junior, Luiz Carlos ;

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The compactors trucks 6X2 use hypoid rear axle with pusher system causes the application. The suspension characteristics for pusher system with hypoid axles increase the universal joint angle at transmission side and at rear axle side. The drive shaft geometry is approved for the application however the angles of universal joint are at border line for torsional and inertial acceleration according to supplier application sheet approval. Evaluation on the test vehicles at 12% and 20 % uphill ramp were confirmed a judder vibration at 1st gear between 1600 and 1800 rpm during start/stop test and between 65 and 85km/h. To solve this vibration was requested to rear axle supplier to send 3D model to evaluate new amboid rear axle design regarding to accelerations analysis. After assembly at Digital Mock up (DMU) was verified the improvement regarding universal joint angle reduction and also the possibility to reduce some others components and have a cost reduction also. The new application sheet shows a low acceleration (torsional and inertial), increase the B 10 estimated life and increases the critical speed for the drive shaft also. The new concept was assembled and tested in parallel of the current one and we could confirm the judder vibration was eliminated at 12% and 20% uphill ramp between 1600 and 1800 rpm and between 65 and 85km/h. the patent regarding an amboid rear axle application at compactors trucks 6X2 pusher was requested.

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DOI: 10.5151/engpro-simea2014-12

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Amaral, Sergio Roberto; Tavares, Robson Pereira; Junior, Alvaro Yukio Kubo; Servilheira, Lucas Germano Gonzaga; Reeve, Breno Martins Everard; Souza, André Cristiano; Cordeiro Junior, Luiz Carlos; "AMBOID REAR AXEL APPLIED AT COMPACTOR TRUCKS 6X2 WITH PUSHER SYSTEM", p. 1-7 . In: In Anais do XXII Simpósio Internacional de Engenharia Automotica - SIMEA 2014 [=Blucher Engineering Proceedings]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2357-7592, DOI 10.5151/engpro-simea2014-12

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