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Costa, L.M.; Ferreira, S. R. M.; Pontes, I. D. S.; Guimarães, L. J. N.;

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This paper presents a numerical analysis of the behavior of an expansive soil of the semi-arid region of the northeast of Brazil. The behavior of expansive soils, due to applied stress or suction, is governed by various phenomena occurring at microstructural level. Gens Andamp; Alonso[4] presented a conceptual basis for modeling expansive soil, considering two different levels: the microstructural level, at which swelling of active minerals takes place and the macrostructural level responsible for major structural rearrangement. Based on this conceptual framework and in the improvements suggested by Alonso et al.[2], Sanchez et al.[5] proposed a double structure generalized plasticity model, which was implemented in the computational code CODE_BRIGHT. This paper applies the coupled hydro-mechanical formulation implemented in this code to simulate the behavior of an expansive soil due to changes in water content. Output results of numerical simulations of laboratory tests show a good agreement with experimental data.

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Palavras-chave: Expansive soil, double structure model, hydro-mechanical coupled analysis,


DOI: 10.5151/meceng-wccm2012-19166

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Costa, L.M.; Ferreira, S. R. M.; Pontes, I. D. S.; Guimarães, L. J. N.; "NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF THE BEHAVIOR OF AN EXPANSIVE SOIL", p. 3095-3102 . In: In Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Computational Mechanics [= Blucher Mechanical Engineering Proceedings, v. 1, n. 1]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2358-0828, DOI 10.5151/meceng-wccm2012-19166

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