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ABSTRACT- Biodiesel derived from microalgae has several benefits over other resources, such as oil productivity. Many microalgae greatly exceeds the best oil producing crops. Nonetheless, in order to make microalgal biodiesel competitive, single-cell oil productivity evaluation is required under different process conditions. This work evaluates the potential of third generation biodiesel (3G) by microalgae Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli cultivate heterotrophically in agro-industrial wastewaters (fish processing, rice parboiling and dairy processing). The results indicate that the single-cell oil productivities reached 0.05, 0.12 and 0.49 glipid/L.day for cultivations in fish processing, rice parboiling and dairy processing wastewater, respectively. These values are comparable to oil productivities obtained currently with soybean, demonstrating the potential of microalgae as matrix for oil production for biofuels.



DOI: 10.5151/chemeng-cobeq2014-1609-18449-154079

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MACHADO, L.; ZEPKA, L. Q.; QUEIROZ, M. I.; JACOB-LOPES, E.; "EVALUATION OF THE POTENTIAL OF BIODIESEL 3G: HETEROTROPHIC BIOREACTORS", p. 2273-2279 . In: Anais do XX Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Química - COBEQ 2014 [= Blucher Chemical Engineering Proceedings, v.1, n.2]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2015.
ISSN 2359-1757, DOI 10.5151/chemeng-cobeq2014-1609-18449-154079

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