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U.S. R&D captive offshoring in Brazil, China and India, 1997-2014

Chiarini, Tulio ;


An exploratory analysis of the recent U.S. inward R&D-related FDI in Brazil, China and India is undertaken and we throw some light on the fact that despite the increase of U.S.R&D captive offshore in these countries, most R&D undertaken is directed to local adaptations and not directed to new product development. We conclude that it is still early to affirm that developing countries in general are playing increasingly important roles in U.S. R&D abroad. It is still uncertain if those U.S. corporates’ R&D investments in developing countries will ever generate spillovers in both horizontal and vertical directions domestically.


Palavras-chave: R&D captive offshore; economic development; R&D globalization,

Palavras-chave: ,

DOI: 10.5151/enei2018-07

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