Setembro 2018 vol. 1 num. 5 - XXII Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Química

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AMARANTE, M. C. A.; CORRÊA Jr, L. C. S. ; SALA, L. ; KALIL, S. J. ;


– The aim of this work was to purify C-phycocyanin (C-PC) extractedfrom the wet biomass of Spirulina platensis LEB-52 by ion-exchangechromatography (IEC) with elution by pH gradient and compare it with elution bystep followed by NaCl gradient, which is an optimized condition for C-PCpurification. The best results were obtained when pH gradient was used, resultingin C-PC with purity of 4 and 60 % of recovery in one purification step. IEC withelution by pH gradient is rarely applied in phycobiliproteins’ purification, but theresults showed that it is a promising technique for C-PC purification. 


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DOI: 10.5151/cobeq2018-PT.0585

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AMARANTE, M. C. A.; CORRÊA Jr, L. C. S. ; SALA, L. ; KALIL, S. J. ; "ONE-STEP PURIFICATION OF C-PHYCOCYANIN EXTRACTED FROM THE WET BIOMASS OF Spirulina platensis LEB-52", p. 2215-2218 . In: . São Paulo: Blucher, 2018.
ISSN 2359-1757, DOI 10.5151/cobeq2018-PT.0585

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