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Diseño, implementación, re-diseño, re-implementación, ..., de un biosensor

Nadra, Alejandro D. ; Teijeiro, Adrian ;

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Argentina is one of the countries with more arsenic in its groundwater, having around 4,000,000 people exposed to its unnoticed consumption. Arsenic measurement in private wells is limited by the high costs, the need of specialized personnel and the distance to urban areas. The Industrial design and synthetic biology are combined in an innovative development that uses genetically modified bacteria to detect toxic arsenic levels in drinkable water.

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Palavras-chave: Creación interdisciplinaria; Articulación; Biosensor; Arsénico; Biología sintética,

Palavras-chave: ,

DOI: 10.5151/despro-sigradi2016-529

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Nadra, Alejandro D.; Teijeiro, Adrian; "Diseño, implementación, re-diseño, re-implementación, ..., de un biosensor", p. 921-925 . In: XX Congreso de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital [=Blucher Design Proceedings, v.3 n.1]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2016.
ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/despro-sigradi2016-529

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