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Zacharias, Isabela Cristina Simões; Ponciano, Thales Martins; Campese, Carina; Costa, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos da; , ;


In the development of products it is important to know the best practices and techniques employed as a way to be able to adapt them to better results. The healthcare area benefits from such knowledge, since there are many challenges in identifying users and engaging them in the project in order to meet their needs. This study presents a database of cases of products and softwares development in the healthcare area. A systematic bibliographic review was carried out on the Scopus and Web of Science databases and articles that contained cases of product and/or software development in the healthcare area and presented details of the users' involvement throughout the development process were selected. The database is made up of 203 articles, 160 of which relate to software development, 26 are product development cases (hardware) and 18 describe product development with software. This database serves as a reference for researchers and practitioners who want to seek evidence of best practice and ways to engage users in the development of healthcare products/softwares.



Palavras-chave: user involvement; participatory design; health; systematic review, bibliometric analysis,

Palavras-chave: -,

DOI: 10.5151/cbgdp2019-74

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Zacharias, Isabela Cristina Simões; Ponciano, Thales Martins; Campese, Carina; Costa, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos da; , ; "DATABASE OF CASES OF PRODUCTS AND SOFTWARES DEVELOPMENT IN THE HEALTHCARE AREA", p. 1017-1035 . In: Anais do 12º Congresso Brasileiro de Inovação e Gestão de Desenvolvimento de Produto. São Paulo: Blucher, 2019.
ISSN 2357-7592, DOI 10.5151/cbgdp2019-74

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