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Comparative study of the photogrammetry process in different hardware

Comparative study of the photogrammetry process in different hardware

Vizioli, Simone Helena Tanoue; Adami, Andrea; Hiilesmaa, Laura; Carvalho, Leonardo Chieppe;

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Photogrammetry is not a new technology, but its use, nowadays is being potentiated either in urban projects, architecture, restoration of historical heritage and archaeological documentation, among others. In this research, the use of photogrammetry as an important tool in the preservation and documentation of cultural heritage will be addressed. The specific objective of the article is to analyze the photogrammetry modeling process: processing time, resolution quality and generated products, in 2 different hardware; highlighting its potentialities and deficiencies. The object of study is the Casa do Pinhal, an important historical heritage for the identity and memory of the city of São Carlos (SP-Brazil).

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Palavras-chave: Photogrammetry, 3D Modeling, Metashape, Heritage education, Point cloud,


DOI: 10.5151/sigradi2020-59

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Vizioli, Simone Helena Tanoue; Adami, Andrea; Hiilesmaa, Laura; Carvalho, Leonardo Chieppe; "Comparative study of the photogrammetry process in different hardware", p. 425-432 . In: Congreso SIGraDi 2020. São Paulo: Blucher, 2020.
ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/sigradi2020-59

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