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CIDI 2013 — 6th Information Design International Conference

Santos, Robson; Próspero, Raphael Piedade de; Gianordoli, Gabriel;

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We live in an era in which a multitude of data is generated every day in both quantitative and qualitative formats. For the exploratory research of a social nature, and even in studies related to user experience, much of the data collected are of a qualitative nature, which, unlike quantitative data, require additional effort for their analysis, since they may possibly be targets of bias and misinterpretation. For this study we define the theme "Quality of Life" to obtain data through an online form. We selected two tools from the availability criteria (being online, free use) and qualities of the interface usability to generate visualizations of the collected data. From the visualizations a survey was conducted in order to investigate which allowed a better understanding of the qualitative data. The results demonstrate that both the technique and the tools used to generate visualizations interfere with the understanding of the same set of data, which consequently interfere with the understanding of a larger set of information.

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Palavras-chave: visualização, dados, qualitativo, design, informação,


DOI: 10.5151/designpro-CIDI-141

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Santos, Robson; Próspero, Raphael Piedade de; Gianordoli, Gabriel; "CIDI 2013 — 6th Information Design International Conference", p. 1494-1513 . In: In Coutinho, Solange G.; Moura, Monica; Campello, Silvio Barreto; Cadena, Renata A.; Almeida, Swanne (orgs.). Proceedings of the 6th Information Design International Conference, 5th InfoDesign, 6th CONGIC [= Blucher Design Proceedings, num.2, vol.1]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2318-6968, ISBN: 978-85-212-0824-2
DOI 10.5151/designpro-CIDI-141

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