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Automated Architecture: Why CAD, Parametrics and Fabrication are Really Old News

Andia, Alfredo ;


Automation is transforming a significant number of industries today. This paper discusses how the Design and Construction industry is also entering into a new era of automation. In the paper I observe that designers are automating by using parametric tools (BIM, scripting, etc.) while contractors are moving into pre-fabrication and modularization. Both conceptualizations are incomplete. The paper presents how we are in the first steps of creating learning algorithms that develop specific intelligence in design synthesis and how the design field will became even more sophisticated as a second generation of multi-material 3D printing techniques produce new materials.


Palavras-chave: Automation, Architectural design, Artificial intelligence, Learning algorithms, Multi-material printers,


DOI: 10.5151/despro-sigradi2013-0013

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Andia, Alfredo; "Automated Architecture: Why CAD, Parametrics and Fabrication are Really Old News", p. 83-86 . In: Proceedings of the XVII Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics: Knowledge-based Design [=Blucher Design Proceedings, v.1, n.7]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/despro-sigradi2013-0013

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