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Arquitetura Algorítmica: Processos e Ferramentas

Calixto, Victor; Vincent, Charles C.;


This paper presents the results of an academic research in the field of parametric-generative design and through projective tests and processes using parametric tools and computational logic. Thus, five experiments for the region of the Terminal Bandeira Flag Square were set forth. From the urban guidelines and an object in common, it was a distinct possibility, where it was possible to analyze the advances and setbacks in the process of project development. The approach taken is an exploration of design processes that involve computational logic for formulating, exploring and creating architectural themes and its interfaces with other fields of knowledge: algorithmic architecture.


Palavras-chave: Performance-based design, Parametric modeling, Simulation,


DOI: 10.5151/despro-sigradi2013-0069

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Calixto, Victor; Vincent, Charles C.; "Arquitetura Algorítmica: Processos e Ferramentas", p. 362-365 . In: Proceedings of the XVII Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics: Knowledge-based Design [=Blucher Design Proceedings, v.1, n.7]. São Paulo: Blucher, 2014.
ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/despro-sigradi2013-0069

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